2016 Results are now Posted

The Ottumwa Amateur Radio Club is no longer sponsoring the Iowa QSO Party. However, all is not lost. The Story County Amateur Radio Club is taking over sponsorship. Please visit the new Iowa QSO Party website.

The purpose of the Iowa QSO Party (IAQSO) is to encourage contact with Iowa amateur radio stations by other Iowa hams and hams worldwide. Stations outside of Iowa work Iowa stations only. Iowa stations work everybody, including other Iowa stations. See the rules for the rest of the details.

2016 Iowa QSO Party

Date and Time:

Saturday October 15, 2016 from 1400Z - 2300Z (9AM - 6PM CST)


Iowa stations are to contact as many stations as possible;  Stations outside Iowa are to contact as many Iowa stations as possible within the Iowa QSO Party time frame.


Phone (includes digital phone) or CW/digital modes (excludes digital phone but includes other digital modes).  No repeater or network qsos.


  • Iowa Stations: RS/T & County (see abbreviation list here)
  • All Other Stations: RS/T & state or province - DX stations report RS/T & "DX"


Contacts may be made on any amateur band except 60M and the WARC bands.
Suggested frequencies: (Plus or Minus)
CW 1810, 3555, 7045, 14040, 21040, 28040, 50.140, 144.190, 432.105 and up
SSB 1855, 3840, 7210, 14 285, 21330, 28415, 50.135, 144.215, 432.115 and up
FM 146.52

Entry Class

  • Iowa Single Op Fixed
  • Out-of-State Single Op Fixed
  • Iowa Single Op Mobile
  • Iowa multi-op (Multi - single or multi operators with one transmitter) Fixed
  • Iowa multi-op (Multi - single or multi operators with one transmitter) Mobile
  • Iowa QRP (5 watts or less)
  • DX (Outside USA)


  1. QSO Points - Each complete, non-duplicate phone is worth one point per band. Each complete, non-duplicate CW or Digital contact is worth two points. Duplicate contacts are worth zero points.
    A station may be worked ONCE per MODE (1 cw or digital and 1 phone) per band.   Mobiles may be worked once per mode per band per county.   
  2. Multipliers:
          Stations Outside Iowa:  One multiplier for each Iowa county worked.

          Iowa Stations:  One multiplier for each Iowa county worked, one multiplier for each state (including Iowa) or Canadian province worked (see list below). 

    Canadian Provinces include:  NF, LB, NB, NS, PEI, QC, ON, MB, SK, AB, BC, NWT, YT, NU

  4. - 100 bonus points will be awarded for each (up to 5) Boy Scouts of America JOTA station. 
    - The purpose of the JOTA bonus points is to reward you for slowing down and taking some time to create a positive impression of the amateur radio hobby on a young person. If you don't want to spend 5 minutes to share the hobby with a scout troop, please skip these points.
  5. Final Score:    Multiply total QSO points by the total number of multipliers worked then add any bonus points earned.

Club Competition:

Scores attributed to any amateur radio club will be credited toward that club.  All clubs with three or more credited scores will be included in an overall ranking of those scores with a certificate awarded to the club with the highest score. 


  1. Spotting - Spotting on the packet clusters or via internet is permissible, including self-spotting.
  2. All stations are limited to output power of no more than 125 watts. QRP no more than 5 watts.
  3. Stations are not allowed to change their entry class once established.
  4. Mobile Iowa stations who change counties are considered to be a new station in each new county.
  5. Mobile stations may park on a county line but each county must be worked in a separate contact.
  6. To count as a mobile station, stations must be in a vehicle capable of being in motion under its own power.
  7. Mobile stations should identify either /county or /m
  8. Download List of Iowa Counties and 3 letter abbreviations. All ops are urged to use these abbreviations in the exchange.
  9. Download State and Province Checklist
  10. Known Available Iowa QSO Party Software - N1MM logging software, www.NO5W.com, and Writelog.com. There may be others but these are the ones we are aware of at this time.

Submission of Logs

Logs must be received on or before November 15th, 2015.  Electronic Summary should be emailed to kesselring73@gmail.com. Emails should include (copy and paste) information from below:

Fixed Station Callsign:
Club Callsign: (If participating in club competition)
Mobile Station: Callsign


Callsign: (If guest op, enter your home call)


Number of Iowa Counties Worked:
Number of States Worked:
Number of Canadian Provinces Worked:
Total Multipliers

Number of Phone QSOs (1 pt each):
CW or Digital QSOs (2 pts each):
Total QSO Points

Bonus: If you worked JOTA station, add 100 for points each (max 5) :

Final Score = (Total multipliers X Total QSO Points) + Bonus Points =


Verification of receipt of the log will be made on the Iowa QSO Party website.
Comments or Questions? Email: kesselring72@gmail.com.


By submitting a log and/or summary sheet to the Iowa QSO Party, entrant agrees that all decisions made by the Ottumwa Amateur Radio Club's Iowa QSO Party Committee are final. That said, every effort will be made to maintain fairness to all participants.


  • Iowa Single Op Fixed
  • Out of State Single Op Fixed
  • Iowa Single Op Mobile
  • Iowa multi-op Fixed
  • Iowa multi-op Mobile
  • Top number of counties worked
  • Club High Score
  • QRP High Score
  • DX High Score

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